The Doctor Coach School™

Audacious Retreat

A Luxurious Getaway To Reach Your AUDACIOUS Goal

October 13-17, 2022


 Retreat | Reach your Goal | Prepare to be AUDACIOUS


You Can Be AUDACIOUS In Your Business & Career 

Learn the secret to creating audacity and using it to:

  • Strengthen your self-trust so that you can embrace your gifts, calling, and purpose
  • Set SMART goals that take into account your unique needs and where you desire to be 
  • Start your journey to become a transformational coach who sells with confidence
  • Put yourself first. You go first. You will embrace self-care as Dr. Kimmy teaches you how to fill your cup so that you can serve others
  • Be BIG. To stop hiding and take up space in the world

Yes, It Really Is Possible.

I have been able to do it and help my clients in The Doctor Coach School™ become unapologetically audacious.


This retreat is for women doctors who:

  • Have a specific goal that they would like to achieve in the next 6 months.
  • Want coaching tools and strategies in order to achieve that goal.
  • Want to retreat and relax with a community of other women doctors who are also building AUDACIOUS goals.

Preliminary Schedule of Events

Audacious is an All-Inclusive retreat that will leave you feeling relaxed AND help you become AUDACIOUS as you grow and scale towards your goal.

DAY 1-October 13th

Arrival Day

  • Travel to Cancun, Mexico
  • Welcome Dinner by the beach
DAY 2-October 14th

Full Day Coaching

  • Morning Session
  • Mid-morning Session
  • Afternoon Session
  • Evening of relaxation
DAY 3-October 15th

Relaxation/Spa Day + An Evening Pajama Party

  • A whole day to yourself to relax and unwind
  • Make it a spa day or explore the town
  • Plan your own adventure
  • Join me and your DCS sisters for a luxurious Pajama Party in the evening
DAY 4-October 16th

Final Day

  • Morning Session (Client Only)
  • Mid-morning Session
  • Afternoon Session
  • Closing Dinner
  • October 17th-Travel back to your destination

The Doctor Coach School™ Audacious 2022 Retreat

What’s included in your Retreat package:

  • All meals
  • Welcome Dinner overlooking the beach
  • Unlimited International Premium Liquors, wines, beer, bottled water, and soft drinks
  • Mini Bar stocked daily
  • Late night snacks
  • Special gifts
  • Photoshoot
  • Wi-Fi access throughout the property
  • Coaching and networking sessions
  • Saturday evening Pajama Party
  • Sunday Farewell dinner

*(Air travel is not included in the cost)

General Admission Ticket


An All Inclusive Package*


Hey, I'm Dr. Kimmy

I am a double Board-Certified Pediatric Hospitalist and CEO of The Doctor Coach School™️.

I first built my business as a Procrastination Coach, helping professional women break the cycle of self-sabotage so that they could level up their lives after I was able to push through procrastination and develop systems and processes to overcome my own overwhelm.

I built a multi 6-figure coaching business from scratch, and over time other women doctors wanted to know my process for creating a profitable coaching business; I then began helping women doctors master their messaging and learn how to sell. I was able to help several of my clients develop thriving coaching businesses and sell high-ticket, high-impact coaching.


This led to the creation of The Doctor Coach School™️.

DCS is for doctors who want to learn the mindset, belief-set, and strategies to build a thriving coaching business that is rooted in purpose.

In DCS, I walk my clients through my proprietary framework which is guaranteed to get results.

In DCS, you will learn how to pivot your story into your intellectual property, master your messaging through StorySelling, and sell with confidence with The Sales Call Prescription™️.

Is DCS about learning to be a coach OR is it about learning how to sell? YES. I believe that the only way to fully master coaching is to coach lots of clients, and the only way to create lots of clients is through confident selling. At DCS you will learn it all.

I am also the host of The Doctor Coach School Podcast™️.