3-Day Live Event

How To Make Your First 100K And Get Your Clients Results While Working As A Doctor

3-Day Live Event

How To Make Your First 100K And Get Your Clients Results While Working As A Doctor




Dates: Sunday, September 24th - Tuesday, September 26th 

(Bonus VIP Training on Wednesday, September 27th) 


Time: 8 PM - 9:30 PM EST 



I’m Dr. Kimmy, and I thought I’d practice medicine forever.


I was going to be that old doc in an ancient white coat shuffling around the hospital with a cane teaching students, because I loved medical education. However, I quickly realized that as a Black woman physician, the system of academic medicine was pitted against me when I was demoted from a leadership position because my white colleague no longer felt comfortable working with me.

I was devastated. That’s when I decided that I wanted to build my own table and practice medicine on my own terms by starting a coaching business. In the first year of my business, I knew I could change lives, but I didn't know how to sell. I was in hustle-mode, trying to look credible by building a professional-looking website that wasn't changing anyone's life. I was attracting freebie seekers who only wanted to pick my brain. In the second year of my business, I had a choice. Close down the business or start making money. I doubled down on learning how to sell and on getting my clients results.

After a full year of struggling, I hit 6-figures in 6 months, while working full-time.

I have now been able to grow my business to multiple 6-figures in revenue and I am currently scaling to 7-figures. Using the power of Storyselling, I positioned myself as an expert in sales. I also developed my very own intellectual property from my story, which I use to help my clients make their first $100K in their coaching businesses and get their clients 100% results. What once felt like a faraway dream when I would binge 6 and 7-figure coaches' podcasts is now my reality.

And it can be yours, too.

Hey, I’m Dr. Kimmy.

For the past 3 years, I have been helping Doctor Coaches create, market, and sell high-ticket offers ($5K - $20K), even if they’ve never sold anything before or have a small audience.

I started my business to serve, but I didn’t know how to sell. And when I closed a client, I didn’t know what I had done to make them buy.

When I learned how to sell high-ticket coaching, I hit 6-figures in 6 months. Because selling is a repeatable process. It’s not a fluke. Once you master selling, you can do that over and over again.

Now my clients are hitting 6-figures in 4 months. They are building businesses that have impact and great income.

Doctors are the best salespeople because selling is all we do, all day long.

Every day, we are selling people the fastest way to get where they want to go by providing them with a comprehensive treatment plan.



Dr. Daa’iyah, $60K in 6 months, helping her clients own property through creative financing

When Dr. Daa’iyah joined DCS, she had to take a break shortly after due to personal reasons. Once she came back, she signed her first $10K client in less than 90 days of actively going through the curriculum, interacting with her DCS sisters, and getting coaching from Dr.Kimmy.


In less than a month of that coaching relationship, Dr. Daa’iyah helped her client secure a property through creative financing.


Before joining The Doctor Coach School™, she was getting people who wanted to pick her brain in one-off sessions. These sessions were not getting her clients all the way to where they wanted to be, and they kept coming back. She knew at some point that she needed a long-term program.


She attended a live DCS event and enrolled in the School. She learned how to sell and started attracting her people.

She’s now gone on to make $60K in 6 months, and she’s on her way to hitting $100K in her first year of starting her coaching business, helping her clients get into real estate investing, finding properties off-market, without going to banks to get financing.

Dr. Abby, $40,000 in less than 90 days with no social media presence, helping her clients set up cash-based  practices

When Dr. Abby joined DCS, she had no experience selling coaching. In fact, she didn’t even have a social media presence outside of her personal Facebook page. She was, still is, a busy wife and mother, real estate investor, Board Certified Endocrinologist, and owner of a profitable direct care practice.


She signed the very first client she spoke with on a sales call, after never having conducted a sales call before joining the school, making $20K in her coaching business.


In just 3 months of coaching, her clients officially opened their direct specialty care practice in San Antonio


Dr. Abby helps her clients start 6-figure direct care practices that are set up to scale and become profitable in one year.


She is now 1 client away from making her first 6-figures in her first year of starting her coaching business.

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  • Day 1: How to coach your clients and get them 100% results


  • Day 2: How to market your coaching offer so that clients want to buy


  • Day 3: How to sell your coaching offer and hit 100K

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Dr. Angela, $6K in full, helping women doctors create a fit lifestyle.

Dr. Angela took a leap of faith by signing up for The Doctor Coach School™, because she did not know what she was going to coach on.

It took her some time to figure out who she wanted to coach. And when she finally nailed her person using the DCS framework, she signed a $6K in full client.

She learned how to create safety for her client to buy by remaining in service and sufficiency, and understanding what was happening in her client’s brain.