The Doctor Coach School™ Trailer

Welcome to The Doctor Coach School™️ Podcast!

My name is Dr. Kimmy. I'm double Board-Certified in Pediatric Hospital Medicine.

I am the CEO of The Doctor Coach School™️, as well as the host of The Doctor Coach School™️ Podcast. 

I created this podcast in order to help doctors, just like you, particularly women doctors of color; create, market, and confidently sell transformational coaching programs.

On The Doctor Coach School™️ (DCS) podcast, you will learn how to:

  •  Pivot your story into your very own intellectual property
  • Master your messaging through StorySelling
  • Sell with confidence

You will learn how to overcome your own mental and emotional blocks and teach those very skills to your clients.

It is my hope that you walk away with a profitable thriving coaching business that is able to build your path to freedom.

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