Episode 007: Don't Lose Yourself As You Gain

I have always known that there is something different about me.

That I am able to speak in a certain way...

Condense topics that are complex in a certain way...

Transmit information in a certain way...

Listen, and be a guide to folks...

I have always known that my role was something related to people my entire life.

That's why I majored in psychology.  I wanted to understand people at a deeper level.

I have always wanted to be a physician because I wanted to connect with people.

But something held me back from being big, bold and audacious.

It kept me small, made me feel guilty to be ambitious and kept me from who I am called to be.

"I didn't want to gain the whole world and lose my soul."

I get into this in today's episode; how I learnt that this was a lazy interpretation of this scripture, how I now understand it and was able to shift this mindset and create a profitable business.

As doctors, we are big and bold when it comes to medicine and we have owned our voice when it comes to our profession.
But when it comes to stepping outside of that and doing something else, it seems impossible.

This episode explores why, so let's get into it.

Mentioned in this episode: