Episode 11: How to sell high-ticket coaching as a doctor without being sleazy, gimmicky, or annoying your FB friends training

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Sis, last week's training was AMAZING.

If you were not able to join us live, you truly missed out...just saying.

But as always, I got you!

Today's episode is an excerpt, just a taste of what went down.

You will learn the secret to:

  1. Selling a high-ticket offer even if you've never sold anything before
  2. Attracting who will buy your offer even if you're not loud and charismatic
  3. Building a transformational coaching business while working full-time as a doctor

This is how I was able to was able to walk audaciously in my purpose, transform my clients' lives and gain complete autonomy all while hitting my six-figure revenue goals.

This is absolutely possible for you too, Sis.

Let's get into it.