Episode 018: (Day 1) The Create Your Premium Offer Challenge

Click here to join me for the Create Your Premium Offer Challenge from October 30th to November 3rd where I will help you map out all of the components of your premium offer so that we can get you coaching.


You cannot sell with confidence if you do not know what you are selling.

That's why I created this 5-Day Challenge as the first step toward building a profitable coaching business.

I want women of color, Black women, to make a lot of money. I want to help them serve their people in such amazing ways that collectively, we can change the world.

And guess what?

It starts with a story.

My story.

Your story.

Strategically told and leveraged to create intellectual property that literally saves people's lives.

The things that these amazing women who signed up and are showing up will be doing during this week...

These things will form the foundations of their coaching businesses.

Yesterday night [Day 1], I coached on Purpose: Discover who you're purposed to serve.

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