{Day 4} Recap The Create Your Premium Offer Challenge

Your premium price is an undercharge of the value you provide.

On day 4 of the CPO Challenge when I asked the ladies to really think about the value of the transformation they provide and put a price tag on it, they were 🤯.

After I coached them on how to define the value of their coaching offer, they DECIDED that the value of their programs was:

At least $100,000/per year for life

Because they realized that the price of their program was significantly lower than what they had decided the value of their program was.

This is the key to selling a premium offer without feeling sleazy, icky, or gimmicky.

Even as a coach whose transformational value is intangible.

I confess: I got up on my soapbox.

Because I am convicted that when Black women have money, they will change this world.

Let’s make 💰💰💰. And a lot of 💰💰💰, Doc.

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