Episode 22: What To Change If They Aren't Buying

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I am really excited about today's episode because this may be one of the most frustrating things we deal with as coaches, especially as new coaches or if you're trying to take your coaching business to the next level.

What I discuss today seems to be one thing that tends to shut us down the most. It tends to get us really discouraged.

I have definitely been there so, I wanted to speak on this thinking about you and how you can overcome it so that you don't find yourself in this place of perpetual frustration.

And so that you can get your people to buy.

That's the reason we have a coaching business, we want to help people.

And like I say, all the time, if we aren't able to sell to our person, then we won't be able to help them.

If we don't help someone to see what is possible for them and that they can achieve that result with our help through our transformational process, then we are not positioned to help them.

It is therefore imperative that we do the work to figure out why they aren't buying.

And I'm going to tell you in this episode, why they aren't buying.

I'm actually going to give you the cheat code, to tell you exactly why your person isn't buying, why they're not raising their hand, why they're not saying yes.

Let's get into it.

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