Episode 026: My 2022 Q2 Review

Happy New Year!

Y'all, Q2 was so messy. Oh my God. Like I'm listening to myself and I'm like, what is happening ?

In Q2 I blew up my business. And in May, everything in my business fell apart.

I stopped everything and started everything from scratch. FROM SCRATCH y'all.

In April, I did High-Ticket week and I did my first 6-figure launch.

Shortly after, I had my $0 launch.
Y'all can imagine what was happening in my brain.

It took a toll on me and it almost affected my self-concept; the way that I see myself in terms of my ability to sell.

Now, granted, as painful as it was - this was one of the best things that could have happened to me.

Sis, Q2 was MESSY. I'm surprised that I made money considering what was happening my brain.

I am not special.
This is a testament that you don't have to be perfect to sell. You just need to be in service to your person.

Are you holding yourselves back from starting, investing, or attempting to move to the next level of your coaching business because you're waiting for this perfect moment where your brain is going to be fully on board and you won't be sabotaging yourself?

Here's the truth: That's never going to happen.

You're never going to be so incredibly enlightened, everything's perfect and God has parted the sky and He's told you exactly what you need to do.

You're simply stopping yourself because you're avoiding to feeling messy.

You're holding yourself back and you can be changing people's lives with the brain that you have.

My clients were making money, launching podcasts, and doing everything, even though my brain was spinning on an axis.

If you are in this community and you want to do this work, you want to be a fully booked-out doctor coach who knows how to sell with confidence, able to usher your clients fully to their transformation, and build a profitable business where you are showing up as a thought leader...The Doctor Coach School™ exists for this very purpose.

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Let's dive in. I'm serving you ALL of the tea, including how June became the month I was reborn.

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