Episode 030: Your First $20K (Part 2)

Welcome to Episode 30 of The Doctor Coach School™ Podcast.

This is  part 2 of the episode; How to make your first $20K in your business.

In this episode, I talk about what's the process of making your first $20 K. Once you learn and refine the art of selling high ticket coaching, selling takes a shorter amount of time.

There's only three things that you need to do to make your first $20K in your business. And you can learn all about them when you listen to the podcast.

In this episode, I also highlight some objections that your brain might be kicking about why the three steps won't get you your first $20K. You should move them out of the way so that you can see yourself making your first $20k.

It is possible. You can do it.

Enjoy this episode and I will see you back next week for another episode of the podcast.

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