Episode 061: My Q2 2023 Review Part 2

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Welcome to my 2023 Q2 Review Part 2.

I already did my Q2 Review but I realized that I left out a significant lesson I learned in my quarter and so I had to do part 2.

Last year I had a $0 launch in my business. Just before that launch, one of the people in my community decided to promote my event in her space. 

As usual, there are always going to be people who don't like you and don't like what you do.

And so they were like if this person is associated with me, then I had the same traits that this person has.

My clients happened to be in the conversation and they vouched so hard for me. I am really grateful for them.

The same thing happened right before my launch in Q2. 

Someone had interesting things to say about me and when I heard about it, it immediately triggered my nervous system to flight mode. 

It reminded me of what had happened during my $0 launch. My brain was like, here we go again. 

 I became terrified.

I was sad and overwhelmed.

I had a predominant emotion that I was not going to make money AGAIN. 

And at this moment, someone so important helped me get myself out of this state, my coach.

At that time I needed a coach, not a therapist.

Y'all, I tell you and will always tell you the importance of having a coach.

I immediately logged in to a coaching session with one of my coaches.

She coached me through an activity, to allow emotions to run through me rather than blocking them. 

By the time we were done, I was ready to show up on my launch, regardless of the emotions. Thank God for coaches.

Negative feelings will always distract us from making money.

 You can sell even with negative emotions.

 You can function even with negative emotions.

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