Episode 062: My Journey To Purpose With Claire Pelletreau

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Welcome to another episode of The Doctor Coach School™ Podcast.

You are in for a treat on today's episode switch-up with Claire Pelletreau.

We chat about:

👉🏽 How I  managed the disparity of medical school while starting my family at that time.
👉🏽 How I navigated the implicit bias of the medical system.

👉🏽 How I have always come out of my shell to speak for myself to get the appropriate treatment.

👉🏽What led me to coaching and finding a life of purpose.

👉🏽 How I transitioned from coaching myself, getting coached, and coaching others

👉🏽 How I struggled to sell a $997 coaching program to seamlessly charging $20k

You get to hear and experience a different side of me.

It's juicy.

Let's get into it.