Episode 66: Do The Exact Opposite Of Alex Hormozi

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Welcome to another episode of The Doctor Coach School™ Podcast.

The internet has been on a buzz about Alex Hermosi.


Everyone is talking about him. Like, he set the internet on fire. 


Every entrepreneur now wants to do what he did.


What he did was absolutely brilliant. It really shook up the entrepreneurial world. 


In 2020, I spent my entire first year of business working full-time as a physician in academic medicine, while taking care of my husband and two kids.


My time was limited. 


I spent all of my time trying to copy the millionaires. 


I did not understand:


  The business model


 The inner workings 


 What kind of team they had


 What kind of support they had  


 The why behind why they were doing what they were doing.


I didn't know any of that.



In my hunger to serve and to be a coach; to impact, make money, and learn how to create income in my business, I would have looked at something like this in 2020, and I would have said I'm going to model my business off of this.


I want you as a woman doctor coach to do the exact opposite of what he did. I give you three things that I want you to do the opposite of what Alex Harmosie did.


I want you to do what he did in his business, not what he did last weekend.


I give my hot take on this in today's Episode 66: Do The Exact Opposite Of Alex Hormozi. Yap. I'm going there.


Listen in to get all the juice.