Episode 067: Embracing The Coach Identity With Dr. Angela Andrews

Welcome to another episode of The Doctor Coach School™ Podcast.

Dr. Angel attended my launch a year ago.

She had never coached before. She did not know what she wanted to coach on.It just felt right.

She submitted her application to join DCS.

What I love about Dr. Angela is that she kept showing up. Even on days that she felt messy.

Something shifted when Dr. Angela embraced being a coach.

She knew she had something inside of her.

She had achieved transformation and she knew that she could help someone else achieve it without any hurdles.

She embodied that fully.

She makes decisions like the earner she wants to become.

She recently signed a $6K client who has ghosted her.

That is the DCS difference.

I want to help you do this.

Sign up for The First Class Coach Bootcamp, where I will teach you the exact strategies that I used to make 6-figures and get my clients 100% results as a coach while working full-time as a doctor.

Dates: September 24th-26th.

There will be a replay if you can’t attend live

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