Episode 002: The Action Belief Process

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Welcome to Episode 2 of The Doctor Coach School™ Podcast.

As promised in last week's episode, today I break down my Action Belief Process.

Selling is shifting beliefs. Marketing is shifting beliefs. Coaching is shifting beliefs as well.

When you know how to shift beliefs in your brain, this is the foundation for everything that you will do in your coaching business.

Not only so that you can show up big and be audacious in this world, but also so that you can help your clients achieve results, and additionally, so you can help your community shift their beliefs too.

That's why it is important for me to walk you through the AB process, which is my intellectual property...

Because there are so many gurus out there who are teaching how you to manifest.

But I want you to understand what manifestation is, and what it isn't.

Manifestation is not sitting and thinking positively and hoping that things happen.

Manifestation is not standing in the mirror and reciting affirmations to yourself.

So what is it? How does it work?

How has it impacted my life and my business, as well as that of my clients in The Doctor Coach School™ Podcast?

How can it completely change your life too?

Let's get into it!

Mentioned in this episode:

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