Episode 003: Pivoting Your Story To A Wildly Successful Business With My Amazing Client, Dr. Alauna

Welcome to Episode 3 of The Doctor Coach School™ Podcast.

I am so incredibly excited for today's episode.

I have the honor and the privilege of interviewing my amazing client, Dr. Alauna.

Well, technically she is my former client but I am so proud of what she has been able to achieve that I still refer to her as 'my client'.

Dr. Alauna is the world’s one and only Trauma Psychiatrist, Educator, and Empathy Expert with the mission to educate every person on how to break the cycle of psychological trauma.

She founded the Dr. Alauna Trauma Recovery Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating psychological trauma worldwide by providing affordable public education and professional training in Empathy Skills Practice for Traumatized Humans™. 

ESP™ is a transformative method of understanding the power of one’s biological and psychological Self, a “Skills over Pills” approach that combines education with mindful actions that resonate with any audience, regardless of age, profession, education or circumstance.

Her message of healing, delivered through her online Trauma Recovery Academy and new podcast Minding Your Amygdala: A Brain, Body, Behavior Podcast, is designed to empower people to move from simply surviving in the face of trauma, to thriving in Your Best Self.

The sky is the limit for Dr. Alauna.

Let's delve into the episode and understand how she took her story and turned that into her wildly successful coaching business.

Let's get into it!

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