Episode 021: How I 10X My Investments

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I am just coming off of the heels of an amazing five-day challenge and a launch where we were able to welcome so many new amazing coaches into ‎The Doctor Coach School™. 

This got me thinking about today's topic.

In this episode, I want to really break down how I 10X all my investments. 

I never want you to know that any investment you make in your business is not in vain. 

In the same year I invested the last 2K left in my business account and was unable to pay my VA, I hit my first six figures in revenue in my business.

I also ended up winning the award for the highest volume of sales in my mastermind that year. 

In my current mastermind, I have been able to gain more than 10 times the value of my investment and bagged yet another award - The 200K+ Earner Award.

I want to show you exactly how I have created this result for myself and how this is available to you too.

Let's get into it.