Episode 027: 2022 Q3 Review

Welcome to my 2022 Q3 review.

Last week you heard my 2022 Q2 Review and there was so much in the air.

I was getting divine downloads about how my business was going to be transitioning and I had no idea exactly how it was going to pan out.

Now, July in Q3 was when DCS was born.

This is when it all started to crystallize and really come into full vision - exactly what The Doctor Coach School™ was, what it needed to be and how it was going to impact and change lives.

This needed me to be in a full place of surrender because my business was about to have a full turn around.

So much faith and work had to go into this season.

At the same time, as I gained my new identity, I was mourning the loss of my other identity as a practising physician. I had so many emotions to process in the midst of everything.

So many wonderful things happened in Q3 and I'm so glad I get to share all of it with you.

This was the quarter of releasing shackles and strongholds. Let's get into it so you can find out why.

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