Episode 033: Showing Up in Imperfection and Getting Results with Dr. Sheneka Horne

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Welcome to another episode of The Doctor Coach School™ Podcast.

In this episode, I get to interview one of my amazing students inside DCS, Dr. Sheneka.

Dr. Sheneka Horne is a Caribbean- American, global health pediatrician and the creator of The Blk Doctor. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, she obtained her B.S. in Exercise Science and M.P.H from The George Washington University. 

She attended medical school at St. George’s University, and completed pediatric residency at St Joseph’s Medical Center in Paterson, NJ.

She completed a Global Health fellowship with the University of California, San Francisco/ HEAL program traveling between Navajo Nation and Liberia.

After experiencing moral injury early in her career, Sheneka took a break from clinical work immediately after fellowship, to reassess her path and how to make work sustainable. 

With the tools she learned, she practices healthy boundaries allowing for less work stress, and more balance.

It was also during this time that she created The Blk Doctor, customized to work with early career Black doctors in practice. Black doctors are often the first in their families to work in medicine. 

As such, there is tremendous pressure to maintain a role that may not be beneficial. When doctors have been in practice less than 5 years, they often do not feel equipped to ask for better working conditions. 

Through the Blk Doctor coaching program, Sheneka teaches Black doctors how to ask for exactly what they want and need to thrive and make any career path sustainable and fulfilling.

I am so excited about what we get to share in this episode and I can't wait for you to hear Dr. Sheneka's juicy backstory. 

Let's dive in.

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