Episode 035: The Doors Of The Doctor Coach School™ are open

Doc, you are invited to The Create Your Premium Offer 3-Day Challenge, taking place on March 6-8th, 2023. I created this challenge for the woman doctor who knows that she can change lives through coaching, but is uncertain of how exactly to do that. Click Here to join me.


Welcome to another episode of The Doctor Coach School™ Podcast.

The doors to The Doctor Coach School™️ are open.

On this episode,  we go all in on The Doctor Coach School™️.

  •  I walk you through exactly who DCS is for.

  •  I walk you through how you are going to create money in your business through DCS.

  •  I walk you through the application process.

  •  I let you in on some of the bonuses that I offer my clients inside of DCS.

  •  I share with you why DCS is different. 

  •  I help you picture who you will be when you join DCS and who you will be after you've completed the program.

  •  I take you through the details of how to get clients and how to use your program to change your clients' lives.

  •  I help you understand why DCS is the best community for women doctors of color.

 This way you will know exactly what to expect, exactly what you're going to be getting when you work with us.

Listen in to get to know all these and more about The Doctor Coach School™️.

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