Episode 043: My Q1 2023 Review

 Welcome to my 2023 Q1 Review.

I am reviewing my Q1 of 2023. The wins, the losses, the lessons, what worked, what didn't work, I will give you all of the insights, all of that good stuff.

Q1 of every single year I've been in business has been a period to just put my head down and work on the internal. Work on myself, work on the internal operations of the business and  work on helping my clients get results. I do deep inner work becoming the person who I want to be. 

This Q1 has really served me well. 


  • I have had big milestones
  • Made a trip that changed the trajectory of my life
  • Attended a mastermind that helped me to understand deeply the concept of becoming who you want to be now


...and so much more.


Let's dive in. I'm serving you ALL of the tea of how amazing my Q1 has been.

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