Episode 047: The Coach Identity

Doc, you are invited to The Sell Your Coaching Summit, taking place on June 4 - 5, 2023. I created this challenge for the woman doctor who has achieved a certain transformation and can help someone else achieve the same but doesn't know how to sell or market. Click Here to join me.


There's something about calling yourself 'a coach', something about the word coach in the doctor community where there's a little bit of stigma.

I hear and see this all the time from people and from women doctors especially.

We are coaching, selling our coaching or attempting to sell our coaching, but we don't want to call ourselves a coach.

We are calling ourselves strategists, guides, mentors, teachers etc, but not coaches.

We often ask ourselves:

👉🏽 I'm I a coach?

👉🏽 Can I call myself a coach?

👉🏽 How can I just step out and start calling myself a coach?

👉🏽 How do I actually do the actions of a coach that are worthy of the title?

👉🏽 Don't I need a certification for that?

👉🏽 Aren't there more credentials or things that I need?

We then tell ourselves; "I can't be a coach. That's great for them, but not me".

There are certain hurdles I have to jump through or things I have to prove to my community in order for me to feel worthy of calling myself a coach.

We have spent our entire lives proving ourselves from kindergarten to medical school.

"I couldn't call myself a doctor without certain certifications, so I can't call myself a coach without certifications."

Our brains are wired that way, and we bring that to our businesses. But...

✨ What if we have already done the work?

✨ What if we have already been certified?

✨ What if the hoops have already been jumped through?

Because of the fact that we have achieved the transformation that we are helping someone else to achieve, there are no additional hurdles.

We have already done it.

You know you have something inside of you, you know you can help someone to have the transformation you have achieved, you are already a coach.

Embody that fully.

Now, the work is to learn how to sell, learn how to market, and then to take that intellectual property that's in our brain and download it so that we can teach it to someone else.

So, I'm not saying that there's no work you have to do - that's the work we do inside of DCS. 

Let's get into all this and more on how you can develop that coaching identity.

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