Episode 049: Why The Words “Coaching” and ”Free” Cannot Go Together

Doc, you are invited to The Sell Your Coaching Summit, taking place on June 4 - 5, 2023. I created this challenge for the woman doctor who has achieved a certain transformation and can help someone else achieve the same but doesn't know how to sell or market. Click Here to join me.


This was a live that I did and I thought would be great for you to listen in and get all the juice that I had to share.

Have you ever tried hijacking transformation without transaction? It's impossible.

Whenever you hear the word coach, you should think of movement.

When you position yourself as an expert but you don't actually sell anything, people will always assume that you give away thoughts and ideas for free.

You give people an opportunity of getting to 'pick your brain'.

When you give away your coaching offer for free, no one wins, neither you nor your clients. You are harming people if you don't charge them.

The words coaching and free should never go together in one sentence.

Listen in to hear more on what I have to say on this.

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