Episode 065: $5K Today

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Welcome to another episode of The Doctor Coach School™ Podcast.

Most of us have a job or a career or something where we're doing full time and then we're building our business on the side.

It is very common for our brains to keep kicking the can down the road to making money in our businesses.

We push the money-making decision to something that we will do at some point in the future: when our stars and schedules align.

And so, we are doing this thing where we're always getting ready to get ready. 

We're getting ready to get ready to make money, which shouldn't be the case. 

But, I want you guys to make a shift that, no matter where you are in your coaching journey, there is an opportunity that you could make $5k or whatever your program price is today. 

What does your brain say to you when I tell you to work towards making $5K within the next 24 hours?  

Those are your barriers to making money in your business. 

Lets get into it.