Episode 074: How To Build A Six-Figure Coaching Business After Rounds

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Welcome to another episode of The Doctor Coach School™ Podcast.

Practicing medicine and coaching your clients are not mutually exclusive.


When you have effective strategies for marketing, selling, and delivering your coaching offer, you can do all of those things and hit 6-figures while working full-time.


I created a multiple 6-figure business while working full-time in academics as a Pediatric Hospitalist.


I hosted one live video a week in a Facebook group of 49 people.


I posted sporadically here and there but was not beholden to a crazy content schedule. I did not have to post 5 days a week or multiple times a day to get the results of having high-ticket clients.


When I signed my clients, I conducted my 1:1 coaching calls after rounds during lunch and before heading back to the hospital to teach the medical students or after work in the evenings for 1-2 hours a week.


It wasn’t stressful or overwhelming. It was a welcome reprieve from the hustle and grind of the hospital.


Once I got some client results under my belt, I then used The Simple StorySelling Launch process that I now teach inside of DCS and launched a high-ticket group coaching program and sold 3 spots at $5K each.


I was now able to help 3 of my clients transform their lives in the same amount of time that I was previously working with one client.


That allowed me to scale my income AND my impact, as the more I coached my clients, the better I got at coaching.


Not only did I hit 6-figures and then multiple 6-figures in my business, I was recruited to a new program and promoted from Assistant to Associate Professor in the same year. This is evidence that you can do BOTH. 


The reason that I was able to market my offer, sell my offer, and coach my clients without it feeling overwhelming was that I recognized the common thread between all 3 seemingly different tasks: they were all about helping someone believe something new.


I knew that if I grew my ability to help someone believe something new, I’d be strengthening my marketing skills, my sales skills, and my coaching skills. 


I learned one skill and applied it to all aspects of the business. 


Instead of spreading yourself thin by enrolling in separate courses and programs that are disjointed and disconnected, you can learn one skill, shifting your client’s beliefs, that will help you hit 6-figures and beyond, even as you are working full-time.


I will never forget sitting at my desk in my office and conducting a coaching call after work one day and having my client share that she had signed her first high-ticket client.


I had changed her life so that she could change someone else’s.


I didn’t have to completely give up my career to make it happen.


This is available to you as well. Right now.

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