Episode 075: Getting To Six-Figures While Getting Clients 100% Results With Dr. Daa'iyah

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Welcome to another episode of The Doctor Coach School™ Podcast.

When Dr. Daa’iyah joined DCS, she had to take a break shortly after due to personal reasons. 

Once she came back, she signed her first $10K client in less than 90 days of actively going through the curriculum, interacting with her DCS sisters, and getting coaching from Dr.Kimmy.

In less than a month of that coaching relationship, Dr. Daa’iyah helped her client secure a property through creative financing.

Before joining The Doctor Coach School™, she was getting people who wanted to pick her brain in one-off sessions. 

These sessions were not getting her clients all the way to where they wanted to be, and they kept coming back. She knew at some point that she needed a long-term program.

She attended a live DCS event and enrolled in the School. She learned how to sell and started attracting her people.

She’s now gone on to make $60K in 6 months, and she’s on her way to hitting $100K in her first year of starting her coaching business, helping her clients get into real estate investing, finding properties off-market, without going to banks to get financing.

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