Episode 077: What Changes For Doctor Coaches When They Make $5K

Welcome to another episode of The Doctor Coach School™ Podcast.

What changes for you as a doctor coach when you make your First $5k?

Sometimes our brain wants us to focus on the big goal because we have a little bit of scarcity in thinking that $5k isn't enough.

$5k isn't enough to run a business. 

$5k isn't enough to generate a profit. 

$5k isn't enough to replace my income.

And while all of those things may be true, you are exclusively focusing on $100k. 

What that will do is shut your brain down because if you haven't yet made  $100k, sometimes it can be hard for your brain to wrap itself around the fact that you can make  $100k. 

Inside DCS, I teach you how to make your First $20k. We break that down into $5k increments $10k increments depending on the price of your offer. 

Our offers start at $5k. 

That's just the process I teach. 

That's the process that I utilized to build my business to six figures.