Episode 078: The Number One Skill Doctor Coaches Need To Make Money Consistently

If you want to make consistent money in your business, there is a number one skill that you need to develop.

I resist calling it a skill because I firmly believe that this can be learned, cultivated, and developed.

At some point in my entrepreneurship  journey, I was not utilizing this skill. I did not cultivate it. It was not even on my radar at all.

My results in my life reflected that. And then once I actually started leaning into it and developing it, everything changed for me. 


Mentioned in this episode

Psychology Today - Self-Trust and How to Build It

This may not be as interesting as talking about sales or talking about a framework for selling. And I talk about all those things, and give you strategy after strategy. We talk about how to market your offer and how to help people believe in who you are and all of those things.


It will be helpful for you to understand that in order for all those strategies to succeed and for you to be able to make money over and over again repeatedly, self trust must be the foundation for that.

Or else one small wind blows and everything falls over because it wasn't built on the foundation of self-trust.  

You have to decide to be that person that has it. 

Here's how you do it:

You have to take action. 

You have to do something and decide if it doesn't work, I am going to have my own back.

This is the key that will lead to success in your business because then you become the person who never gives up.