Episode 080: Creating Content That Leads To Clients

Welcome to another episode of The Doctor Coach School™ Podcast.

Content might be one of the most distressing parts of starting a coaching business.

Some coaches come into the game already with a social media presence, and they're already showing up online in some capacity.

They've sometimes built a large audience. The challenging part is how to shift your messaging so that it leads to clients, right? 

Many of my clients come in and they have a small audience or they would even say that they have no audience (which I don't believe is true. I believe if you have one person following you, then you have an audience).

Whether you create content all the time and now you're like how do I create content that leads the clients or you would say you've never created content before.

Maybe you put up pictures of your family or cute quotes. You haven't intentionally sold anything before. 


Listen in to figure out how to create content that leads to clients now.