Episode 081: How I Quit My Good Doctor Job (Part 1)

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Welcome to another episode of The Doctor Coach School™ Podcast.

It's time to quit. 


It is time for us to stop linking our purpose and our profit to our profession. 


It is time for us to learn how to make money with our own brain. 


It is time for us to put away the excuses and take steps forward to do what God has placed in our hearts to do and start a coaching business.


Y'all it's time to quit the excuses. 


It is November Q4 of 2023. 


You can end this year having signed clients and working with clients. That is possible for you. The doors of DCS will be opening on November 28th at my training.

Listen in as I walk you through the process of how I quit my good Doctor job. I share with you all the details from the moment that I quit internally to the moment I physically walked through the doors.


This is possible for you too.

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