Episode 105: Audacity Is A Process Not A Personality Trait

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    Welcome to another episode of The Doctor Coach School™ Podcast.

    Do you know the person in your life who is perpetually KILLING IT?

    Like, they just got their -ish all the way together?

    They’re brave.

    They take risks.

    They do scary things?

    And as a result they have achieved more and more in their life and business?

    I used to follow these people on social media and listen to their podcasts.

    I would passively listen to their stories and watch them hit their goals.

    I did not apply the learning to me, because I secretly thought I was different. 

    I thought some people were bold…brave…audacious…

    And some, like me, were not.

    That was not until I discovered that audacity is a muscle that I can build.

    I tried building it through all of the wrong methods at first:
    -Prayers for clarity
    -starting and stopping
    -seeking validation from others
    -non-stop planning

    It wasn’t until I discovered the actual methodology to hitting my audacious goals that I began hitting them every single time, and have not stopped since.

    There is a process to becoming audacious and to hitting your big, scary, audacious goals. Listen in as I share with you this process.

    I am going to break down the major components of The Audacity Wheel during my brand new Masterclass, The 3 Secrets to doing that BIG, SCARY, AUDACIOUS Thing as a Woman Doctor which will take place on January 31st at 8PM EST.

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