Episode 115: It’s Time To Become DCS Certified

Join my upcoming webinar: Certified to Sell where I will teach you How to Create a 6-Figure Coaching Business After Rounds happening on April 2nd at 8 PM EST.

When you attend the webinar you will be invited to apply for and enroll in Doctor Coach School™, a certification program for women physicians & dentists to learn HOW to make $100K after rounds.

Special Bonus: Book your sales call during the live webinar and qualify for a bonus: you will receive a VIP small group intensive where we'll build your roadmap to $100k.

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Welcome to another episode of The Doctor Coach School™ Podcast.

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of The Doctor Coach School Certification Program.
It is designed to help aspiring doctor coaches build a 6-figure coaching business and become certified to sell high-ticket offers. 

It will cover self-coaching mastery, developing intellectual property, marketing and messaging mastery, selling like a doctor, and coaching mastery. 

If you're a woman doctor looking to make a real impact and income through coaching, this is for you. 

Listen in to learn how to become a certified doctor coach.