Episode 118: Selling High-Ticket Coaching with Dr. Rasheeda

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When Dr. Rasheeda joined DCS, she had been coaching for a few months, but was struggling to sell a low priced offer. Dr. Rasheeda has an incredible passion for coaching and helping early career physicians feel confident in their research work and apply for grants. She knew that she had skills that would be beneficial to her future clients, but wanted to level up her marketing, sales, and coaching skills. When she joined DCS she refined her IP, increased her prices, and has been able to sell a $6,000 offer. Dr. Rasheeda is also proud of the incredible results she has been able to help her clients achieve utilizing the DCS coaching tools such as the Action-Belief Process. She has helped her clients secure K award grants, increase their research output, and present their research findings with confidence. Dr. Rasheeda went from a low-priced offer to selling a $6,000 coaching offer and getting her clients incredible results. Listen in as we get into her incredible story.


[00:58] Challenges of doctor-coaches.

[04:22] From doctor to entrepreneur.

[12:02] Why doctor coaches struggle with income: You are not sold on your offer.

[15:50] Why doctor coaches struggle with income: You are a great fish in a sea with great fish.

[21:40] Why doctor coaches struggle with income: You're selling as a medical student.

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