Episode 119: Replay | Certified to Sell - How to Create a 6-Figure Coaching Business After Rounds

The Doors of The Doctor Coach School™ are open. The Doctor Coach School™ is the only comprehensive coach training program for women doctors of color who want to hit $100K, creating income and impact outside their doctor job. It includes a curriculum on marketing, an entire training dedicated to running high-converting sales calls, training on how to utilize and develop your very own coaching tools and frameworks that get your clients results, and a simple process for how to launch your scalable group coaching offer. Join for $20K paid in full, 12 Monthly Payments of $1,667 or make a $500 deposit and use a third-party funding option. Click here to book a sales call with Dr. Kimmy. ******************************************************************************


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When I tell you this is the best training that I have ever put together, and I have put together some fire trainings, so you know this was the best🔥.

Certified to sell was absolutely incredible 🙌🏾.

The energy in the room was on 10.

So many people said that they had so much transformation. They were able to see what was possible for them.

And even better, so many of them are joining us inside of The Doctor Coach School™, so, I'm so excited for them.

You can catch the replay by listening to this episode or by Clicking Here to Watch it.

You do not want to miss this training. It is going to change the game for what you think is possible for you in your coaching business.

I'm going to show you the exact strategies that have helped my clients hit six figures in their businesses.

The doors of DCS are open.

If you want to create a six-figure coaching business by selling 5k to 20k coaching packages and helping your clients achieve incredible results, then I want to invite you to join us inside of The Doctor Coach School™ and become a certified coach in DCS.

You are going to be certified in the only thing that matters, that is, how to shift beliefs.

So you are certified, you're making money, you're changing lives, you're marketing and you're selling on a sales call like a doctor.

We are the only certification and coach training program in the industry that certifies you in the things that actually matter for you to have a successful business.

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The investment:

One payment of $20,000

12 Monthly Payments of $1,667

Or you can make a $500 deposit and use a third-party funding option

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