Episode 120: Dr. Yameika Knucked and Bucked All the Way to Her First Five Figures in Her Business.

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When Dr. Yameika joined DCS, she knew she was in a transition phase.

Medicine was not the end all be all for her-she wanted more.

She knew she could help parents of children with an unexpected diagnosis cope with all of their fears and parent their children in a healthy, loving way, but she struggled to believe that people would actually buy her offer.

She was also unsure about how to manage her full-time job with signing clients.

Dr. Yameika has since mapped out her own intellectual property and grew her confidence in her ability to market and sell her offer.

She conducted sales calls utilizing The Sales Call Prescription framework, and has been able to sign 3 $5,000 clients.

She is excited about helping them to transform with her help.

She went from being unsure if people would buy a high-ticket offer from her to making 5-figures as a brand-new Doctor Coach.

Listen in as we get into her amazing story.

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