Episode 121: From Physical to Intellectual: Making $$$ with Your Mind

Why is it triggering for black female entrepreneurs to sell an intangible product?

There is a distinct discomfort around black women selling brain power and thought leadership services like coaching. Selling a product or physical labor is more accepted, but even that type of entrepreneurship comes with a disclaimer as being a side hustle or weekend job.

There is a prevalent disregard for the value of black female entrepreneurs that is deeply rooted in systemic racism and our role as currency. In the history of the world, innovation has come from black people. But we have an ingrained history of being the workhorses.

It’s time to normalize exchanging something other than our physical labor.

We need to make that identity shift and embrace being the root of innovation across all communities.

Listen to this empowering conversation amongst successful black female entrepreneurs, doctors, and thought leaders about embracing your value, leaning into coaching, and the power of establishing your identity in your profession.

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