Episode 122: How to be Spiritually Led in Your Coaching Business

As a child, I perceived God as a genie in a bottle or a distant king. I have always loved God, but until recently, I didn't know him or feel connected to him.

Now, I am experiencing an incredible season of being spirit-led. I want to share my journey to discovering and fostering a deep, intimate relationship with God.

Throughout my life, and especially when I started my business, I knew I couldn't do it alone. I needed God's help but struggled with the trap of self-sufficiency. 

I reflect on pivotal moments that shifted my perspective on how I view, communicate, and connect with God. I went from a cycle of ritualistic motions to desiring a deep, intimate relationship with the Lord. That transformation has profoundly changed every aspect of my life, including being spiritually led in my coaching business.

I share the three ways I allow the Holy Spirit to lead me in my life and coaching business. I hope my message inspires you to embrace an intimate relationship with God and explore the path He is guiding you on.