Episode 124: Build an Altar: How Honoring Where You Are Now Will Make You More Money in Your Coaching Business

Are you honoring the work you've done?

Are you honoring the God you serve who helped you do that work?

Building altars is a powerful tool for accelerating success in your coaching business. As an entrepreneur, it's easy to get caught up in the relentless pursuit of goals, which can lead to burnout and overwhelm. By taking the time to acknowledge your current position and celebrate your achievements, you can break this cycle and foster a healthier, more sustainable approach to success.

It is so important to intentionally pause, find a place where you sit in gratitude, and review all the progress you have made in your coaching business. Look at the gains, not the gaps.

Tune in as I share how building an altar drastically shifted my mindset from despair to gratitude. Get inspired to move away from burnout and towards positive energy. Honoring all you created in your coaching business leads to exponential success, motivation, and joy.