Episode 126: My Top 4 Lessons From The Last 4 Years in Business

It is my business birthday! May 1st marked four years as a coaching business owner. The Doctor Coach School™ has officially hit one million dollars in revenue, and I am grateful to God for all that I have accomplished, experienced, and overcome.

I am celebrating this milestone by sharing the top four lessons I have learned in the past four years. From the moment I discovered the winning combination of intellectual property and coaching tools to the complete revamp of my coaching container, I share my most memorable wins and losses in business.

I talk about lessons on rejection, crippling anxiety, and everything in between. I share examples of realization, perseverance, and growth in every situation.

Learn from my experiences and get inspired to elevate your coaching business to the next level. Through hard work and unwavering faith in God’s plan, my career as an entrepreneur has become bigger than I could have imagined. That success is waiting and ready for you, too!