Episode 127: My 2024 Q1 Review: Part One

This episode is part one of my quarterly wrap. Everything in my life has changed in Q1. I went into the New Year in a state of overwhelm. My team and I planned to take time off, and I was launching a brand new offer. I felt stressed, anxious, unsettled, and helpless, and I couldn't pinpoint a solution.

Then, on January 9, 2024, I was in church and experienced one of the most pivotal days of my life. I obeyed God's message and this decision was the first step towards truly hearing God's voice and understanding him.

As I accelerated my relationship with God, I began to learn more about myself. Empowered by my choice to leave an organization that didn't serve me and my alignment with God, I knew my life and business would only get better…until everything crashed and burned.

Q1 was a doozy. Listen in as I walk you through the most epic failure I have ever had. I am grateful to be able to authentically share these life-changing moments and lessons. And tune in for my full Q1 evaluation next week!