Episode 128: How to Sign a 10k Client and Get That Client Incredible Results

If you haven’t signed a 10k client yet, this episode is for you. I share the winning combination of sales, messaging, and marketing, and how each piece will revolutionize your coaching relationships.

As coaches, our goal is to help people. The only way to get results for clients is to shift beliefs and transform the way they think. How do you make this impact? Your job as a coach is not to educate or inspire.

Your job is to change the way someone thinks; that process does not start on a coaching call. Transformation has to start in your messaging and marketing. Once you build trust and become a resource that is a solution to a problem, sales are easy.

So tune in to learn how to craft the perfect 10k offer and sell and market with confidence. You can and will change so many lives. So get started now and realize the impact shifting beliefs has on new client acquisition.