Episode 129: My 2024 Q1 Review: Part Two

Welcome to part 2 of my first quarter review. 2024 started with a series of seemingly impossible situations. But my trust, belief, and reliance on God carried me through the uncertainty of Q1.

I wasn’t sleeping.

I started homeschooling my daughter.

I drastically cut down my hours to work on all the assets around the launch of a new offer.

I believed I was launching a million-dollar concept; it turned out to be a zero-dollar launch.

An employee who helped me build my business resigned.

Another key team member took a sabbatical.

Because of my connection with God, I bounced back so much faster from my failure. I jumped into CEO mode and accepted that everything happens for a reason. More so, I instinctively understood that each of these obstacles was a lesson that God wanted me to learn.

God took everything away to force me to rely on him. Q1 was a roller coaster. I lost a lot, and I was humbled. But I also found an unbreakable connection with God. Every challenge is an opportunity. Listen to how I transformed, the lessons I learned, and the journey I am excited to embark on.