Episode 131: Why Every Doctor Should Have a Doctor Coaching Empire

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Every single doctor needs a doctor coaching empire.

As physicians, we are beholden to external entities and metrics of success that benefit those entities. No one asks you how you measure success. Your primary identity is being a doctor, but you don’t have any agency. You can change that by building a doctor coaching empire.

Create impact where your purpose lies. Being a doctor is not the pinnacle of your life. Expand the lens through which you view yourself, step away from burnout and overwhelm, and create the career you want.

Building a doctor coaching empire puts you in the driver’s seat. Tune in to learn what a doctor coaching empire is, why you need one, and how to start building one.

Plus, get a sneak peek at my exclusive Build Your Doctor Coaching Empire Challenge hosted on June 30th at 1 pm EST. Get access to my proprietary process for building an empire with takeaways and strategies to lay the foundation of your empire.