Episode 132: How I Built My Doctor Coaching Empire What I Got WRONG

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I’ll see you in the room.


Listen to the audio of the first live video of the Doctor Coach Collective, a group I founded on Facebook to help current and aspiring doctor coaches succeed.

Today, I share my journey of building a doctor coaching empire. From my first shot at entrepreneurship with an MLM to my evolution as a successful business owner, I outline what I got wrong so you don’t take the same detours I did.

Learn from my mistakes and elevate your brand. Being a doctor coach is the best profession there is. Embrace your ability to shift beliefs, uncover your innate ability to sell, and watch your coaching business grow.

My errors paved a path to help others succeed.

Tune in for guidance, support, and lessons on building a sustainable doctor coaching empire. The episode is live on your favorite podcast platforms.

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