Episode 009: The Audacity of Belief

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 I almost named this episode 'A Tale of Two Launches'.

That's because today, I walk you through two launches that I have had in my business and the complete and utter difference between the two which all came down to belief.

Belief is the only key to separating a successful business from a failed business.

In The Doctor Coach School™, I teach my clients to shift beliefs...

To shift belief in themselves and to shift beliefs in their people who are out there in the world in order to get them to buy their coaching.

That is literally what selling is.

It is shifting beliefs in your marketing and then shifting beliefs in your sales when you are having a sales conversation. That is the key to everything.

So I'm going to be telling you the story of the two launches and how belief separated their outcomes.

We're going to talk about the belief cycle versus the spin cycle.

This is a concept that I teach my clients inside of DCS. How, you know, when you're in the belief cycle versus the spin cycle and why it is so critically important to recognize when you're in the spin cycle versus the belief cycle.

Let's get into it.

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