Episode 044: Stop Writing Books

Welcome to another episode of The Doctor Coach School™ Podcast.

The other day, I was listening to Amy Porterfield, an incredibly successful woman coach. She is a coach and a course creator. She has a multiple seven-figure business. She's been in business for maybe eight or nine years.
Someone was interviewing her. She just had a book that came out probably last week or this week. She got paid to write this book.

She was talking in this interview, and she was sharing that she was so proud of the content of this book, and it was her first book etc.

The person who had been interviewing her had done their research and they were like, "This is not your first book. Isn't this your second book?"

And it was so funny because she said, "Yeah, it is my second book, but I don't like to talk about my first book because it doesn't even apply. I don't talk about those things anymore and that content was at a different point in my business.  But the content in this book, I'm so proud of it because this is what I have worked with hundreds of clients. It is true and delivered."

I know many of you will ask me, "Do you ever want to write a book?" 

Of course, I want to write a book. 

But that will come after I have hit my income goals, gotten my clients amazing results, gotten their thought leadership into the world and gotten them making a lot of money.

Once I have my thoughts and ideas in front of hundreds, or even thousands of people, I will turn that into a book. I will turn my intellectual property into a book that I hope will change lives. 

I am so glad that I didn't take my time as I was starting my business to sit and write a book because none of the things that I coached on then, do I coach on now. My whole framework has changed.

  • Have you written a book? 
  • Are you in the process of writing one? 
  • Have you held yourself back from starting your coaching business for you to write a book first?

Let's get into why you should not and much more in today's episode.

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