Episode 046: Doubling Down On Belief With Dr. Maya

Welcome to another episode of The Doctor Coach School™ Podcast.

This is a repeat guest episode. I talk to my amazing client Dr. Maya.

Dr. Maya talks about moments where she has had slumps and dips in her business because of dips in her belief. 

She talks about how in the past she would get into the den of despair, and it would crush her. 

She would organize for events and webinars, many people would sign up and very few would show up.

People would book a call to work with her and when Dr. Maya would talk to them, they would give objections like they are not ready now, they don't think it's something they need now, they didn't think it would be this type of investment and so many other objections.

All this would break Dr. Maya, because she put so much time and energy into planning her events.

She took a step back. She doubled her belief. She started thinking of how she could communicate in a different way to connect with her people.

She re-evaluated the energy she had been putting out there. She thought about her communication and had to get clear on the value she sold to her clients.

But even in all these, she didn't stop putting in the work.

It is normal to have dips in belief, but now Dr. May knows how to work around it and get back up faster.

Now, her business is flourishing and thriving.

She let's us in all these and so much more.

So let's get into it.

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