Episode 108: The 3 Secrets To Doing BIG, SCARY, AUDACIOUS Things As A Black Woman Doctor

It is my honor and privilege to invite you to join Audacious Women Doctors™. 

 Audacious Women Doctors™ is a 6-month group coaching program designed to help you hit your audacious goal in your life, career, or business.  

 I have hit every single goal that I have set in my life, career, and business over the past 3 years, including getting promoted, quitting my job, scaling my business, and homeschooling my kids, by using the strategies you will learn in Audacious Women Doctors™.

 Here’s what you get when you join Audacious Women Doctors:


  • AUDACIOUS LIVE: The 6 months kicks off with AUDACIOUS LIVE on February 18th, 2024. At Audacious Live, I will walk you through the steps of determining your Audacity Project. Your Audacity Project will consist of the steps that it will take to achieve your audacious goal. It’s the thing that lights you on fire but also scares the crap out of you. THAT is what you’ll complete by the end of our time together.


  • WEEKLY GROUP COACHING SESSIONS: You will have access to weekly group coaching sessions where you will receive coaching, mentoring, and accountability check-ins from myself and my trained team of coaches.


  • ACCESS TO THE AWD CURRICULUM: When you join you will also receive access to the Audacious Women Doctors™ curriculum, which will reinforce the concepts in The Audacity Wheel and give you the step-by-step framework for you to achieve your audacious goal.


  • THE AWD COMMUNITY: You will achieve your goal in a community of women doctors who are also audacious. The group will be broken down into “Audacity Squads”, where you will be able to network and hold each other accountable.


  • coWERKing SESSIONS: You will have the opportunity to co-work with your sister docs inside of Audacious. Be in the room and get stuff done.


  • OPTIONAL RETREAT: For those of you who want to combine the coaching program with an opportunity to luxuriate, get away, eat well, relax, get coached, and connect with other women doctors just like you, then The Audacious Women Doctors™ coaching program + The Audacious Retreat is for you. The Retreat takes place on the beautiful island of Antigua from May 16-20, 2024.

 Special 24-hour bonus: When you join Audacious by February 1st at 11:59 PM you will get a 1:1 Audacity Roadmap Strategy call with a trained coach to help you refine the milestones you will take to hit your audacious goal. 


The price for Audacious Women Docs coaching program is $5,000 for 6 months, with the option to break that into monthly installments of $833 per month.

 If you would like to join Audacious Women Doctors™ and take part in the Audacious Retreat, the package price is $10,000, with the option to break that into monthly installments of $1,667. The price for the retreat covers accommodations, transportation to and from the airport, food, coaching sessions, the pajama party, and opening and closing dinners.

 You also have the option of using Klarna for financing. There is no hard pull on your credit to apply for Klarna. 

 The doors to AWD close on February 14th at 11:59 PM EST.

Join Audacious Women Doctors™.