Episode 111: How To Hit Your Next Big Goal And Steward Your Current Roles

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Welcome to another episode of The Doctor Coach School™ Podcast.

When you have gone after goals and hit them in the past, but you have a new, big goal that you want to hit, it is very normal to think that the other aspects of your life, career, or business that you have worked so hard to achieve will fall apart.

You have built so much and you feel like it’s all being held together by a thread.

So when God places a new goal or dream in your heart, your current reality feels too fragile.

You want to open a new practice, but you are worried about the current practice falling apart.

You want to write a new book, but you’re not sure that your social media growth can sustain it.

You want to get into leadership, but you might not have time for the current national committees you sit on.

If what you have built feels too fragile the reason is that you are functioning as an employee over your tasks rather than being the CEO.

There is no high-level strategizing or oversight.

And because you are a company, if there is no CEO to provide oversight, the company will be in shambles.

The solution to hitting your audacious goal in 2024 without everything falling apart is to step out of the employee role and step into the CEO role.

As the CEO of Company You, you are now viewing all of your to-dos as projects.

You are strategizing what should take priority and what can be placed on the backburner.

Every project is being executed at the highest level in the correct order.

Things are no longer falling through the cracks, but you are now making strategic decisions on which projects take precedence.

You will learn how to become the CEO of your life when you learn the Productivity on Purpose process inside of Audacious Women Doctors.

If you don’t have a lot of time or have a lot on your plate, this will help you to adjust where the items on your plate are, so that you can move forward and continue working toward your goal.

You will gain back hours of your time every week by just not being a stressed out employee of your own life.

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