Episode 134: Rx for Resilience: Dr. Caitlin’s Journey from Burnout to Breakthrough

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The last day to book your call is Monday, July 8th at 11:59 PM EST.

Here’s the simple process:

1. SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION TO THE SCHOOL. The last day to apply is July 8th at 11:59 PM EST. The application is simple but please be thorough.

2. Immediately after submitting your application, book your sales call with me.

3. On the sales call, I will take your history (determine where you are currently, what you’ve tried in the past, and where you want your business to be), and then I will give you my diagnosis, assessment, and the plan you should take to reach $100K. Come to the call and leave with the EXACT plan that will help you make $100K and get your clients 100% results.

4. If I believe you are a good fit for DCS, I will invite you to join the school and will give you the next steps to onboarding and enrollment. If you aren’t a good fit, you will walk away from the call knowing exactly what your next steps should be.

5. There are 3 payment options: You can either pay $20K in full, pay $3350 monthly for 6 months, or enroll in 3rd party funding to pay over 12-36 months. If you elect to do 3rd party funding, you will submit a $500 deposit to secure your spot as you move through the funding process.

6. Once you submit your payment, you will receive immediate access to the DCS course portal as well as the DCS Slack channel.

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In this episode, I continue the podcast series of interviews with my amazing clients from The Doctor Coach School™. Today, I speak with Dr. Caitlin Christie, a family doctor in Toronto who found success as a doctor coach after struggling with burnout and depletion running her private practice.

Dr. Caitlin and I go behind the scenes on her unique journey from residency to private practice to doctor coaching. Listen and learn who Dr. Caitlin is, how she developed her intellectual property, and how she pivoted to become a doctor coach and client at The Doctor Coach School™.

We discuss Dr. Caitlin's personal development journey and her decision to prioritize experiencing her business and career differently. We dive into hot topics like managing burnout, setting proactive boundaries, and building a doctor coaching empire.

Join us for valuable insights and advice on launching your own doctor coaching business. You'll also hear a compelling success story from a client of The Doctor Coach School™, inspiring you to envision your own path to entrepreneurship.


Dr. Caitlin Christie is a community based family physician and educator in Toronto, Canada and Mom to 3 year old twin boys. She has been in the personal development and coaching space for nearly 8 years. When she came face to face with soul crushing burnout 3 months upon returning from maternity leave in 2022, she decided to apply all that she had learned and absorbed from the coaching world, to her own reality of depletion and disillusionment. Ultimately, she evolved to a place of mental and emotional resilience, and rediscovered fulfillment and impact in a new version of her medical career that she designed on her own terms. She now helps other female family docs do the same!

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